Combine Dressing

Combine Dressing

Product Details:
  • Product Packing : 5 cm x 10 cm , 10cm x 10 cm , 10 cm 20 cm

We are offering wide range of Combine Dressing. This Combine dressing absorbs fluids from the secreting wounds and is made from highly absorbent cotton. These are used in special cases where high absorbency is required to handle heavy drainage, promote healing and keep the wound dry.

Other Details:

  • Combine Dressing is made of highly absorbent cotton wrapped in highly absorbent non-woven.
  • No loose cotton particles and sealed ends.
  • Higher rate of blood absorption-(less than 10 seconds).
  • Higher fluid retention capacity.
  • Free from foreign matter & optical whiteners.
  • Completely sterilized -by Gamma Radiation.
  • Long lasting sterility till package damaged or opened- with broad sealing area.(5mm to 8mm).

Product Usage:

  • One Dressing is used for the dressing as well absorption & retention of blood secretion.
  • It can also be used for hygienic post operative dressing
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